Body of Work - Her Story Portraits


Her Story Portraits


My latest work is a series of portraits that are a collection of  "Important women in history", the trail blazers, the women taking a stand, women of courage that changed the world history. Many whom I heard and read about in my school studies (many of whom I never was taught about in my school history lessons).


Most of history is about the great men who changed the world, hense "History is about "HIS Story" 


Now it is time for "HERStory" . So this portrait series is "Her Story"


I began painting this series 6/2018, each finished piece is presently hung on the "Her Story Wall" in my diningroom 


9/2018 six portraits are completed accompanied by a framed story.

My goal is to display and sell these portraits together.


Each portrait is

12 X 16 Acrylic on Canvas

 along with a separate framed discription.