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Jeanne Lloyd


My recent artwork is visionary in theme.  I am inspired by the human spirit and soul.  Spiritual Empowerment and the theme that ALL is connected as part of a bigger picture and ALL is One.

I draw from mythology, my own studies through literature and personal experience to tell my story


Before smart phones were developed, I had designed a website called Starlark. I used a pseudonym Starlark to  sign my fantasy and faery themed works.  In the faery gallery you will see that signature on most of that series of work. Another series is a "steampunk faery" named Steampunk Fae.


All current work is signed Jeanne Lloyd


Commissioned works and other endeavors include:



Large Interior murals.

Painted designs on T-Shirts, etc


Taught oil painting to a group of students in the gifted class at Playa Del Rey Elementary School. Culver City, CA


Taught myself web design using Dreamweaver 

Taught myself digital art and computer painting using photoshop


My latest endeavor is the genre of visonary abstract!

There is such freedom of expression and passion painting in the abstract.  I love color and painting from whatever spirits are directing my paint brush to paint I paint these without me preconcieving what the outcome will be! The magic happens when about 3/4 the way finished the title becomes known.  


I would love to hear from you. I am easy to work with and accept commission requests.  Please do not hesitate to use the contact form.

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