Artist Biography

Jeanne is a self taught artist 

Originally from California, now a resident of Texas, USA 

My recent artwork has been consentrated on the portraits of women in history.  I am inspired by the human spirit and soul. 

I draw from mythology, my own studies through literature and personal experience to tell my story. I experiment with many ideas and techniques. 

Abstract technique with color and emotion has found a place in my heart. I love the freedom to express in and expierment.  I find a special joy painting with acrylics on canvas. There is such freedom of expression and passion painting in the abstract.  I love color and painting from whatever spirits are directing my paint brush to paint. Most of the time I paint these without me preconcieving what the outcome will be! The magic happens when about 3/4 the way finished the title becomes known. 

Before smart phones were developed, I had designed a website called Starlark. I used a pseudonym "Starlark" to sign my fantasy and faery themed works.  Another series is a "steampunk faery" named Steampunk Fae a robotic steampunk fairy. 

All current work is signed Jeanne Lloyd



Commissioned works and other endeavors

  • Portraits
  • Large Interior murals.
  • Painted graphic designs on T-Shirts, etc 
  • I taught oil painting to a group of students in the gifted class at Playa Del Rey Elementary School. Culver City, CA
  • I taught myself web design using Dreamweaver 
  • I taught myself digital art and computer painting using photoshop

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I would love to hear from you. I am easy to work with and accept commission requests.  Please do not hesitate to use the contact form.