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Art is Emotional


Why are you attracted to certain piece of art?  


Is it the subject matter, the colors, it would go with your decor, you are a collector of this genre?  It can be one or several of these reasons and yet, something more.


There is an emotional response that speaks to you.  A painting comes from the soul of the artist who painted it as an emotional communcation. It speaks to the emotions and the soul of the viewer and collector.  


When I begin a new painting I have a "feeling" of what I want to paint.  A beautiful face then becomes more than a beautiful face. it becomes the emotional expression attached to the face.  The viewer interprets it from their own emotional response to it.  The face can be identified with it's smile, frown, tears, etc.  



Expressionistic art


Other ways that communicate the emotion, even of a somber expression on the face is to surround it with a certain color to set a mood. Colors relate to moods. 


The mood surrounding this young girl is intended to be melancholy and sadness (blue).  The yellow bubbles represent happiness (bubbles of joy) and sunshine ahead of her.  Thus the title "out of the Blues"